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CNTRL RM Media elevates your digital presence with tailored studio solutions that blend cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design, complemented by comprehensive support services for a consistently impressive and transformative experience.

Studio Solutions for Every Need

Permanent & Temporary Studios

CNTRL RM Media offers both permanent and temporary studio solutions tailored to your needs. Our permanent studios are durable and equipped with the latest technology for ongoing use in podcasts, webcasts, or broadcasts, ensuring a seamless professional presence. For flexibility without sacrificing quality, our temporary studios are ideal for events and short-term projects, easy to set up and dismantle wherever needed.

Podcast Studio

Specially designed for podcasters, our podcast studios feature top-of-the-line audio recording equipment, soundproofing, and comfortable, visually appealing setups to inspire creativity. Whether you’re a solo host or have multiple guests, we create the perfect environment for your podcasting journey.

Webcast Studio

Our webcast studios are tailored for live streaming or recorded web content, offering high-quality video and audio capabilities. Integrated with the latest streaming technology, these studios ensure your webcasts are delivered smoothly to your audience, with customizable backgrounds and lighting to match your brand.

Broadcast Appearance Studio

Ideal for government officials, experts, and professionals making television appearances, these studios are equipped with professional-grade cameras, lighting, and backdrops that align with broadcast standards. Ensure your message is delivered clearly and professionally with a studio that reflects your expertise.

Three-Camera Studio

Elevate your production with our three-camera studio setups, offering dynamic shooting angles and enhanced coverage for interviews, discussions, and more. Perfect for creating engaging content, these studios allow for creative flexibility, ensuring your broadcasts stand out.

Full or Partial Control Rooms

Our full or partial control room solutions cater to both extensive productions and smaller-scale projects. Full control rooms are equipped with comprehensive broadcast equipment for live feeds, editing, and monitoring, while partial control rooms offer a streamlined setup for simpler operations. Both are custom-built to integrate seamlessly with your studio, ensuring smooth production workflows.

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Our Trusted Technology Partners

Explore the cutting-edge technology and equipment behind CNTRL RM Media's industry-leading studios. We proudly collaborate with top-tier vendors to deliver unparalleled quality and innovation in every project. Below, you'll find the logos of our trusted partners whose technologies help us create your perfect digital presence. Dive into the world of professional-grade tools that make our custom studios second to none.


Comprehensive Support Service

At CNTRL RM Media, we understand that the completion of studio installation is just the beginning of your content creation journey. That’s why we offer comprehensive post-installation, workflow integration, and technical support services to ensure you can fully leverage your new studio setup without any interruptions.


Post-Installation Services

Once your studio is installed, our team conducts a thorough walkthrough to ensure everything meets your expectations and our high standards. We provide detailed documentation and hands-on training designed to acquaint you with the new technology and equipment. This process ensures that you can navigate your studio’s capabilities confidently from day one.


Workflow Integration

Our workflow integration services are designed to seamlessly incorporate your new studio setup into your existing content production processes. We assess your current workflow and identify integration points that optimize efficiency and enhance productivity. Our experts are skilled in customizing solutions that sync well with various broadcasting and streaming platforms, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate deployment.


Technical Support

CNTRL RM Media prides itself on offering ongoing technical support to address any issues that may arise post-installation. Our support team is available around the clock to ensure that any technical difficulties are resolved swiftly to minimize downtime. Whether it’s troubleshooting, software updates, or hardware adjustments, we provide timely, effective solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.

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