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CNTRL RM empowers content creators the ability to focus on their message, product or service by providing the kind of affordable production support and quality production standards you only see in broadcast television, whether streaming live or on-demand.

Popular Support Services

Online content is a medium of great flexibility. With that in mind we provide production support for an array of webinar types including some of our more popular webinar services.

One of the most common and popular types of webinars. The best part about eLearning webinars is that you can have both live and on-demand webinars.

Webinars have become commonplace among enterprises as well. In fact, about 27% of companies average at least one webinar per week. One of the main reasons is that 98% of  respondents said that videos are valuable for training employees faster and better.

When you’re launching a new product or service, it’s crucial to promote it to generate buzz around it. These types of webinars provide you with the opportunity to show your audience why your product or service is the solution to all of their problems.

These types of webinars aren’t used to market your product or service but are instead used by businesses to communicate with their employees. They enable the companies to engage with their remote employees with ease.

The customer onboarding process is one of the most important steps in the brand-customer relationship. While live chat support or a phone call might be a good idea, nothing beats a webinar when it comes to customer onboarding. 

These types of webinars are specifically created to engage your leads. You need to present educational content about your product or service that should showcase your company’s expertise in the field.

Looking to Build Your Own Control Room & Studio?


We are a team of live television technical professionals who recognize the need for affordable production services for content creators. After all, the approaches are the same: know your audience, create engaging segments, provide a consistent quality for audiences. We bring years of experience on the small screen to the smaller screen.

We apply the same quality control, timing, resources and attention to detail to your content as we do for our large network clients. In an increasingly flooded online content arena, it is important to not only stand out but also provide your audience with the level of quality that entertains, engages and most importantly, has them returning for more.

At CNTRL RM we do more than just manage your technical requirements, we also help you build your programs work flow by sharing the many tips and techniques we’ve learned over our many years in television. We work with you during the pre-production process and provide you with the basic tools necessary to produce a quality product. When you look good, we look good.

Why Does Experience Matter?

Networks have established practices and methods that are tried and true. They have spent years and considerable money learning what works and why it works. As broadcast professionals, those practices are our practices. No matter the size or scope, we approach every production as a multi-million dollar endeavor and it shows.


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