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What We Do

Welcome to CNTRL RM—where every event is an opportunity to inspire and connect. We don't just plan; we innovate, partner, and deliver unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact. Dive into the heart of our events and discover how we turn the imagined into the unforgettable.


Innovative Event Creation

At CNTRL RM, we are in the business of imagination. We don’t just plan events; we engineer extraordinary experiences from the ground up. Our team specializes in generating unique and profitable event concepts—virtual events, panels, symposiums, fairs, festivals, showcases, and live experiences—that capture the zeitgeist and draw in audiences. We are the pioneers who craft the blueprint for the next big event, always staying one step ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.


Strategic Collaborations

We transform our innovative concepts into reality by fostering strategic partnerships. Our approach is to curate collaborations that are as unique as the events themselves, whether it’s through high-tech streaming platforms for digital gatherings or with local craftspeople for cultural festivals. By aligning with forward-thinking entities, we ensure that each event is not just an occasion but a landmark.


Experiential Excellence

From the digital frontiers to the tactile world, we perfect the alchemy of in-person and online experiences. Our virtual events set a new standard for engagement, while our live events are orchestrated down to the finest detail to dazzle and delight. We manage the full spectrum—conceptualization, planning, execution—to guarantee that each event is not only a reflection of our clients’ vision but also an unforgettable episode for attendees.

Shape Tomorrow’s Events

Are you a visionary, an innovator, a creative spirit eager to leave a mark on the world of events? CNTRL RM is always on the lookout for like-minded partners to join us in forging new frontiers in event experiences. If you have a knack for the exceptional and believe in the power of collective creativity, we want to hear from you.

Let's Create Together

About us.

At CNTRL RM, we believe that every event is a story waiting to be told. Our ethos is woven from the narrative threads that bind us, the moments that define us, and the experiences that inspire us. We are more than event planners; we are storytellers, broadcasting a legacy of year-long expertise into every detail of the events we craft.

Founded on a vision to redefine the event landscape, we infuse a tapestry of tales into the fabric of each occasion. Whether it’s the immersive lore of a virtual event, the shared chronicles of a festival, or the intimate anecdotes of a live showcase, storytelling is at the core of what we do. Our extensive broadcast experience enriches this narrative, allowing us to convey stories not only with depth but also with a resonance that echoes beyond the confines of the event itself.

We are curators of connection, drawing from a well of broadcast expertise to design experiences that aren’t merely attended but are felt and remembered. With every symposium, panel, fair, or festival, we do more than capture attention; we captivate hearts and minds.

At CNTRL RM, we invite you to step into a realm where every event is a chapter in a grander saga, every collaboration is a character in our story, and every participant is a witness to the extraordinary. Join us, and let’s create not just events, but legacies.

What You Can Expect

At CNTRL RM, we are not just planners; we are creators, collaborators, and innovators. Step into our world, where events are landmarks in the landscape of human experience.

Originality in Concept

Our events are born from a vision that's as unique as the experiences we curate. We champion originality, bringing to life events that break molds and shatter expectations. Every venture is a reflection of our commitment to innovation and the unexpected.

Precision in Production

We believe in the power of a seamless narrative. Our events unfold with an attention to detail that ensures a smooth progression from start to finish. The precision in our work guarantees that each event is a masterpiece of timing, technology, and storytelling.

Story-Driven Experiences

Our roots in broadcast have ingrained a deep appreciation for storytelling in everything we do. The events and collaborations we craft are more than just gatherings; they are immersive experiences that weave a captivating tale for all who partake.

Creative Collaborations

We don't just build events—we foster ecosystems of creativity. Expect to witness the fusion of different talents and visions, as we bring together diverse partners to contribute to a collective narrative that is both impactful and inspiring.

Versatility in Events

From the intimacy of live shows to the expansive reach of virtual events, our repertoire is diverse. We orchestrate symposiums, panels, festivals, and showcases, all designed to transcend the conventional and embrace the transformative power of communal experiences.

Enduring Resonance

The experiences we design are crafted not only for the present but to echo into the future. We create with the intention to leave a lasting imprint, ensuring that every event is a catalyst for change, connection, and conversation that extends well beyond its conclusion.

Have Questions?


Welcome to the CNTRL RM FAQ Hub, where curiosity meets clarity. Here, we address your questions, providing insights into our collaborative ethos, event philosophies, and the art of the experiences we curate. Dive in to discover more about our world where every detail is part of a larger narrative.

Our ethos is centered around innovation, storytelling, and creating memorable experiences. CNTRL RM crafts each event to be a unique narrative, an opportunity for collaboration, and a platform for showcasing versatility and creativity.

We engage with collaborators who share our passion for creating groundbreaking events. Our selection is based on a potential partner’s creativity, expertise, and alignment with our event’s vision and goals.

CNTRL RM specializes in a variety of events, including virtual/live streams, panels, symposiums, fairs, festivals, showcases, and live events. Each event is an embodiment of our versatility and commitment to creating diverse and dynamic experiences.

Storytelling is integral to our events. We use our extensive year-long broadcast experience to weave a compelling narrative through each event, engaging participants in a storyline that unfolds throughout the experience.

Absolutely. Our portfolio ranges from intimate gatherings to large-scale productions. We tailor the scale of our events to the story we’re telling and the experience we aim to create.

We design events to be more than ephemeral moments. By creating a strong narrative and fostering meaningful collaborations, CNTRL RM’s events resonate beyond their immediate timeframe, initiating conversations and connections that last.

Our events are crafted to reach audiences wherever they are. From in-person venues to digital platforms, we make sure the experience is accessible, whether it’s a local fair or a global virtual event.

Remember, our events are not services we sell; they are experiences we share. They are stories we tell together with our collaborators and participants, designed to leave a lasting impression on all who join us on these adventures.

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