Studio Installations & Media Training

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Install a Live Streaming Studio at Your Home, Office or House of Worship.

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Studio Installations

We offer our clients 20 years of technical production experience that can help you select and refine the right tools for your needs. We also train your team on those tools.

Media Training

We train media teams and departments to enhance their messaging using photo and video storytelling techniques used by industry professionals.

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“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” – Lee Iacocca


Our mission is a simple one. We are dedicated to building the perfect video & live streaming system to satisfy the needs of our our client’s by focusing on three core essentials for any success, Talent, Technology and Training.


CNTRL RM was founded in NYC on the idea that the integration of traditional production methods and systems with today’s technology is essential for tomorrow’s quality and growth.

Knowledge & Experience

Talk with one of our award winning and nominated team members and take CNTRL of you content today. Find out the many ways we can boost your production value without boosting your budget.



Even with a slim and trim budget, we build for our clients the video/live streaming system most inline with their production needs. This includes video, audio and lighting.

Scalable System

Your productions will grow as you experience greater success, you need a system that is agile and ready to grow with you. We build that for and with you. We can help.

Appropriate Technology

Pricey equipment is not always the solution. Here, creative minds make big things happen with fewer resources. We can show you how.

Media Training

Proper messaging is captivating storytelling.

For communications and media teams we teach storytelling techniques used by industry veterans to better support and convey their messaging.

Some of the areas we cover are the following:

Camera Placement

We are all conditioned to view the world from our personal view point. Changing the audiences view with purpose is a strong storytelling technique.

Natural Light Storytelling

Lighting is an art even at it's simplest, however we will show you and your team the many ways to use light to enhance the story being told or the message being conveyed.

Color Psychology

Colors trigger emotion and well placed color can connect a message with an emotion. We tech how to employ that technique.

Flattering Imagery

A photo is a silent message and therefore must convey the story in the most flattering way for both the individual and the organization. We teach your teams what to look for and how to capture it.


Please let us know in as much detail as possible what problems you may have or questions you would like answered. We’re here to help better your content.


New York, Washington, DC